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Attorney Paul Silk Cooper

Attorney Paul Silk Cooper has devoted much of his Practice to people involved in marriages and domestic relationships that have run their course, custody battles and child support battles. He began practicing Matrimonial and Family Law early in his career due to the large amount of people affected. Mr. Cooper realized that matrimonial and family court issues often lead to other legal problems such as foreclosure, eviction, bankruptcy and even sometimes criminal problems such as Harassment, Orders of Protection and even issues of Driving while Intoxicated.

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Attorney Cooper realized the interplay between matrimonial and family court issues and other legal problems and how theses different legal issues feed off of each other and don’t exist in a vacuum. Attorney Cooper understood that the loss of a job causes financial stress on a marriage which in turn sometimes causes the couple not to pay the mortgage. Troubles in a relationship exacerbated by financial issues can make once manageable issues snowball into larger, more complex problems and the people involved sometimes become helpless to work the problems out to the extent that even after the party that lost the job gains new employment, the house is in foreclosure and the relationship is sometimes irreparably damaged.

Attorney Cooper has learned through many years of experience what Matrimonial and Family Court Judges want to see from his clients. This allows Attorney Cooper to advise and prepare his clients so that they gain the favor of the court and increase their odds at receiving a positive outcome in their matter.

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